Wednesday, 19th of February 2020

Terms of Use

What does NBus do? is an e-commerce system which enables travelers to book bus tickets online right from their home or office or using their smart phones. NBus does not operate its own bus service. It provides live chart to the travelers with a choice ofoperators, bus departure times and ticket price in a comparison view.

Responsibilities of NBus Include:

  • Issuing a valid ticket that will be accepted by the bus operator for its network of bus operators.
  • Providing refund and support in the event of Cancellation.
  • Customer support and information in case of delays/inconvenience.

Responsibilities of NBus do not include:

  • The bus operator’s bus not departing/reaching on time.
  • The employees of bus operator’s being rude/misbehaving with the traveler.
  • Certain aspects of bus operator’s bus such as seats are not up to the traveler’sexpectation.
  • The bus operator cancelling the trip due to unavoidable reasons.
  • The baggage of the traveler getting lost / stolen / damaged.
  • The bus operator changing a travelers’ seat last minute to accommodate a lady / infant / elderly passenger.
  • The traveler waiting at the wrong boarding point. Travelers are required to validate the correctness of boarding points with the bus operators if they are in doubt.
  • The bus operator changing the boarding point or using a pick-up vehicle to take the travelers to the bus departure point in unavoidable situations.

Payment Policy:

After pressing the “Make Payment” button, if the ticket reservation page is not displayed on your device due to power failure or internet connection failure, the amount will not be credited and the customer can call the customer care for assistance.

All prices are listed in Indian Rupees. If you use a non-Indian credit card, your bank will automatically convert to your home currency based on that day's exchange rates.

When you press "Make Payment" button in payment gateway page, the server will process your credit-card in about 5 seconds, but it may be longer at certain times. So wait for some more time. To avoid double charge, DO NOT press the "Make Payment" button more than once, or press the back or Refresh buttons.

Cancellation Policy:

  • The cancellation terms are different for each bus operator and are set by the bus operator itself.These terms are shown on the ticket printout/Email confirmation. NBus do not have its own cancellation terms.
  • The cancellation cut-off time mentioned in the bus ticket depends on the bus starting point time and not on the boarding point time. For instance, if the bus starting point time is 9pm and your boarding point time is 10.30 pm, the cancellation cut-off times are applicable for 9pm.
  • Tickets booked online should be cancelled online only.
  • Cancellation charges are applicable on original fare but not on the discounted fare. For instance, if the original ticket price is Rs. 1000 and it is discounted to Rs. 800, the cancellation charge will be calculated based on the original ticket price of Rs. 1000. This will be deducted from Rs. 800 and the remaining amount will be refunded.

Refunds Policy:

  • Refund for cancelled tickets will be transferred to the traveler’s bank account/credit/debit card that was used at the time of booking the ticket.
  • The refund amount will be credited back to your account within 7 bank working days from the day of cancellation. In the event it is not refunded to your account within 7 bank working days, we request you to call our customer care or draftan email to the details mentioned on the contact us page.
  • No refund will be processed for the customer who did not travel on their reserved bus ticket.

Offers and Discounts:

  • No two offers that are live can be combined to be redeemed.
  • Any offer published by NBus or its partners can be changed without prior notice.

General Terms and Conditions:

  • The timings of bus arrivals and departure mentioned in the website/ticket are as per the scheduled departure and arrival timings. However, the bus operator may change the departure/arrival timings, boarding points due to unavoidable situations.
  • The travelers are advised to reach the boarding point 15 minutes advance of the scheduled departure time.
  • At the time of boarding, the travelers are required to furnish the following. Failing to do so may result in the passenger not allowed to travel on the bus.
    • A copy of the ticket (A print out of the ticket or the print out of the confirmation email)
    • Identity Proof (Driving license, Student ID card, Company ID card, Passport, PAN card or Voter ID card)
  • Modifying the journey (travel date/bus)cannot be done by the traveler once the ticket is confirmed.
  • Once a bus ticket is issued, it is non-transferable.If a ticket is presented by someone other than the person entitled to be carried there-under or to refund in connection therewith, or any of its bus operators shall not be liable to the person so entitled.
  • If the bus operator changes the type of bus for some reason, NBus will refund the differential amount when it is confirmed by the bus operator. The travelers are requested to intimate these situations to NBus within 24 hours of travel.
  • A transaction might fail for several reasons and your account/card might be debited without generating a ticket.If the amount is deducted from your account/card, we request you to call our customer care number and re-confirm the failed transaction.Transactions such as these are refunded back to customer as per the refund policy.
  • By making a booking on the traveler acknowledges that NBus will Call/Email/SMS or send alerts to give/take information regarding his/her bookings.
  • It is the customer's responsibility to provide a correct email/phone so that the booking confirmation email/SMS will not be delayed and won't fail to reach you. Please call us if you don't receive booking confirmation within 24 hours.
  • Provision of video, air conditioning and any such other services mentioned by’s travel partners in the buses is their own responsibility. Any refunds / claims due to non-functioning or un-availability of these services needs to be settled directly with the bus service provider.
  • NBus is not responsible for any accidents or harm caused to the passenger and is hereby excused from any liability or expense arising from claims, losses, damages, suits, judgments, litigation costs, or attorneys' fees.
  • In case of any claims arising out of unforeseen consequences/exigencies, NBus liability would be limited to the extent of two times the value of the booking amount.